About us

Mode Star Tour Mongolia LLC we are legally accredited, locally invested tour operator company in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Even though our company has been operating recently our stuff members are highly experienced and respected employers of Mongolian tourism industry. We ensure that all our trips respect the environment and preserve the country's priceless natural and cultural heritage while supporting local communities through high value, low volume tourism model.

Our Mission: We aim to create a high-quality travel environment for tourists to enjoy in safe and peaceful environment, increase the impression and standards of Mongolian tourism, and then make travelers fall in love with great plains, fresh air, wind, and mountains of Mongolia.

Our Vision: To become a leading Mongolian travel company in the International travel market . As a result, the people of countries with highly developed industry and technology, stress and frustration caused by urbanization, will relax in Mongolian tranquility, relieve their stress, carry unforgettable memories of Mongolia's pristine nature its people that can remain them a psychological therapy.

We invite you to visit Mongolia, the home of the eternal blue sky.

Our team will be your team eventually

Our team service is legendary. We're passionate about travel and we love helping you put together a journey you'll remember for a lifetime. We're obsessed with creating awesome experiences that connect people and cultures and enrich lives, delivered with personal attention and heart. Some of us are experts in tour development, crafting rich itineraries to some of Mongolia's most exotic and legendary destinations. Some of us are operational Khaans , handling the gazillions of unseen details that get our travelers from one place to another without a hitch. Some of us are service specialists, helping travelers discover the right destination and the right package with patience, knowledge and enthusiasm. But the one thing we share is that we're all crazy about exploring Mongolia, and we love sharing our passion with you.

Our reservation officers are there to help you throughout the whole booking process. Once you're on your trip, we have a dedicated emergency line that is manned 24/7, not by an answering service, but by our managers, who know what to do to help you (even if it's in the middle of the night). When you book your tour with Mongolia tours LLC , you have a team watching out for you no matter where you go within Mongolia.

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Ms. Tuya

CEO & Founder


Special interest tour organizer and Motorcycle tour guide
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Mendee Jagaa

Moto tour leader




Web designer


Moto tour mechanic

Great guides

On all of our escorted tours, you'll be led by a local, expert, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese -speaking guide who will make each destination come alive like only a resident can. Along the way, your guide will share the traditions, culture and history of your destination from a first-hand perspective, and may even add some unexpected off-itinerary adventures. Often times it is our incredible guides our travelers remember and reminisce about most when they recount their experience.

Very cautious and friendly drivers

We at Mongolia tours LLC! Believe that your safety and enjoyment are the most important considerations on our any trip. We offer comfortable well maintained and safe Japanese and Korean, European, Russian cars and buses and our drivers have from fifteen years of experience and they are legally licensed by Mongolian Traffic police administration for the tourist service. They are professional path finders and spontaneously mechanics as their essential soft skill.