What to pack

What to pack

Things you should carry on your Mongolia tour

If you planning your next vacation to Mongolia here are a few things that are must-have in your kitty, to make your trip a fulfilling and comfortable experience. Since the weather in Mongolia is highly unpredictable, you need to be prepared.


It should be travel big backpack or suitcase made of smooth material with 78*38cm size, if possible should be made by nylon materials have long zipped and handle. Every big backpack and suitcase is appropriate to have hanging small lock.

Daily usage camera, water bottle, and backpack includes other private items


Comfortable light boots for walking Rubber slippers to wear in ger camps bathroom Raincoat, cloak with cowl proof of water and wind Warm coat or jacket Scarf, hat, gloves Casual pants, shirt, pullover and skirt etc that are suitable to wear in downtown Short-sleeved shirt or T-shirt: 2-3 pcs Long-sleeved, sweater: 1-2 pcs Sizable, pullover or jacket Thin (quickly dries) pants or skirt - 2 pairs Socks, underwear, nightwear Scarf to cover head: 1-2 pcs

Technical Supply:

Sleeping bag in case of having a picnic (no need if you stay in ger camps or hotels) Bed sheet used inside of the sleeping bag (In order to make warmer) Glassy bag to put small items inside of the bag Sunglass (with cover) Additional sun-glass Water plastic case with 1 liter of capacity Pocket knife Sanitation devices (including face soap etc which is harmless to the nature) Quickly dries thin towel (dedicated to wash, wipe and dry) Jacklight or headlight with batteries Travel alarm clock with extra batteries First aid or medicine box, sun cream, lip-gloss and female tampon etc


Camera, film, binoculars Books, magazines, notebooks, tabouret box Money belt Travel food is delicious but you can bring your favorite snacks