Frequently Asked Questions

We've pulled together and answered some of our most popular questions. Here you'll find everything you need to know; from who you'll be traveling with to whether tips are included.

May to September is the best season, with the peak season in July for the National holiday Naadam Festival. Between late July and August most shower appears, however our climate is such that you will still have many sunny days at this time. The best time to visit the Gobi is all fall period.

All direct flights come into Ulaanbaatar – most of them from Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin and Istanbul. The Trans-Mongolian train from Moscow or Beijing makes a particularly exhilarating entry into the country. There are domestic flights and trains from Ulaanbaatar to the rest of Mongolia. Many of the tours use a 4WD Japanese and Korean vehicle, jeeps to transport you to your destination.

As our company based in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, we are able to book a cheap and convenient air ticket that starting above cities for you. Please visit our website and fill out the inquiry form with your requirements and we will contact you with a quote for flights within 1 working day.

Some citizens (such as US and Singapore) are no need to obtain tourist visa to Mongolia within 30 days. (Read more at www.MongoliaVisa.com) Visas are available from the Mongolian embassy in your country. Please attach our tour confirmation email and invoice to your visa application.

When you arrive in Ulaanbaatar at Chinggis khaan airport or Central train station, one of our representatives will pick up you with a sign “Mongolia tours LLC” Then you will transferred to the hotel or tour destination as mentioned on your itinerary. Please tell us your arrival and departure dates and times as early as you can. We do not supply you with vouchers for the tour but you may wish to bring a copy of our invoice or final confirmation sheet with you as proof of ID. Emergency contact: Please call at 976-80814578, Ms. Mir, Communication officer, she perfectly speak english for your response.

In order to confirm your place on a tour you will need to return a completed booking form with a deposit of US $200 per person. On receipt of your deposit, we will send you confirmation of your booking along with details for the payment of the balance. The booking will not be accepted and no contract raised until the deposit is received. The balance is due 8 weeks prior to the departure date. If you are booking within the 8 weeks of the tour start date, then full payment is required at time of booking. If the balance is not paid by the due date, Mongolia tours LLC will treat the booking as cancelled and apply the cancellation charges as detailed below. The Company will not accept responsibility for any monies sent by post. Payment can be made by bank transfer, international money transfer services or VISA and MasterCard.

There will be service charge of US$100 per person on cancellations received at least sixty days prior to the booked tour departure. Otherwise the deposit is non-refundable unless credited towards another trip departing within one-two years. If you cancel your booking after you have paid in full the following cancellation charges will be made: • between 43 and 59 days before departure:........20% of the tour cost • between 29 and 42 days before departure:........25% of the tour cost • between 15 and 28 days before departure:........ 30% of the tour cost • 14 days or less before departure (or fail to join the tour):…….50% of the tour cost Minimum charge for cancellation is your deposit of $200 per person. These dates refer to the date we receive written notification of your cancellation. We strongly recommend you protect yourself by purchasing travel insurance. We have very rarely had to cancel a tour but reserve the right to do so for any reason. If the tour is cancelled by us, all payments will be returned in full.

If you are staying in Ulaanbaatar, you will be in your selected accommodation. During any trips around the country, you will be camping in comfortable tents or in traditional Mongolian Ger tourist camps or resort . All accommodation offered by Mongolia tours LLC is personally checked by our staff to ensure high standards of service.

The tourist camps use traditional Gers (national dwelling of Mongolia) for accommodation has 2-4 people occupation. Tourist Ger camps have separate restroom block building that contains western style flushing toilets and shower or bathtub section. There are also laundry service. Restaurant including small bar and small shopping souvenir available. You can charge camera batteries and plug other electric items in the camps also. Electrical socket: 2 round prongs, 220 volts, 50 Hz

In Ulaanbaatar, you will be dining at fine Mongolian and European and Asian cuisine restaurants. Mongolian foods are simple and full of variety of meat that includes mutton, beef, camel, horse, sheep. There are Mongolian cuisine accompany meat with vegetables, noodles, rices and pasta. People mainly eat sheep and goat meat but not much beef, camel, pork and horse meat. Mongolian people consume a lot of milk tea, wild fruit juice and home-made alcohol drinks. A variety of dairy products are bread and butter for breakfast and snacks throughout the day. For breakfast and lunch, locals always have pastry and fried bread.

Mongolia at its size 19th in the world and 7th in Asia. In total road network around 12 thousand km road of it only 5 thousand asphalt paved road and rest gravel or track laid off road. The journeys will often be real wild exploring adventures through vast natural landscape.

Mongolia tours LLC use the highest level, latest model, air-conditioned private vans or 4WD vehicles for the maximum comfort on your touring days. A day's drive in the countryside will be approx 200-250 km and it takes 4-6 hours.

Warm thin layers of clothing, waterproof jacket, good walking boots and sandals and flip flop at the Ger camps when resting a hat and headscarf to protect you from the sun and winds. Don’t forget insect repellent, sun cream, lip balm moisturizer, first aid kit (medicine for headache, cold, diarrhea, runny nose; bandages; any medicine prescribed for you) all your camera equipment and binoculars and perhaps your favorite snacks to eat between meal times.

Within Mongolia, baggage allowance is checked luggage weighing up to 15 kg per person. ( 10 kg for th luggage and 5 kg for the carry on ) Baggage in excess of this amount on domestic flights will be charged approximately 2-3 USD per kilo depending on destinations, which is collected by the airline at airport.

Covid vaccinations are required. The tap water in the cities is safe to drink. Also countryside river and stream spring water need to be boiled then it's absolutely safe. We will supply during the tour bottled water for your use while in the car.

US Dollars and Euro are often accepted, especially in Ulaanbaatar as its direct payment, however it's recommended to carry descent amount of cash into local currency, the Tugrik. 1USD=3187 Tugrik /Aug 2022/ Any bank in Mongolia will be more than happy to exchange your currency, as well as the most hotels that you stay.

Here any banks are not accepted Travelers Check. That’s why Credit cards are preferred by us over traveler's cheques. You can also withdraw cash from any ATM in all major towns. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB card are acceptable. It is almost impossible to use your credit cards in the countryside.

Although not required, we recommend that our tour participants purchase a standard travel insurance policy through your insurance company. This is an affordable and comprehensive travel protection program that covers you for unexpected events that could cause you to cancel or interrupt your vacation, unexpected delays, medical assistance, loss of or damage to baggage.

On all of our scheduled group tours, the number varies from one group to another. However, we keep our groups small with an average size group of 6-16 people.

Mongolia tours LLC sells its scheduled group tours in more than 20 countries around the world. It is therefore quite typical to expect between 6-14 different nationalities on any one tour, i.e., (Americans, Australians, Italians, Canadians, Germans, English, Swiss, New Zealanders, French, Spanish,Dutch, Singaporeans, Koreans, Japanese). Most of the time, our travelers enjoy that experience and end up building tour mates with other people from the tour that can last for a lifetime

Tipping is entirely voluntary. Tipping is expected only when they performed and met your satisfaction and expectation. Tipping should be around 8-10 USD/day/person.

Yes please, early arrival might be recommended if your flights take long time or due to time differences between our countries. In this case, we can book you hotel or guest houses’ room at discounted rate.

We offer private tours to individuals, families, and groups. Our private tours include a wide range of activities from cultural explorations, archeology to exhilarating outdoor adventures (Altai Mountain Trekking, Horse and Camel riding, Gobi desert expeditions, and so much more). For private tour inquiry choose our tailor made tours category.

Mongolia Tours LLC is a well-established and respected travel company and is affiliated to the major travel trade association and government organizations of Mongolia. Most importantly company is fully employed by travel long term experts at all level of service.