Tourist sim card and data

Tourist sim card and data

Mongolian sim card for the mobile and internet data service providers are Unitel, Mobicom,Skytel and G-Mobile, one can get variant fee schedules. Contact the providers for details. We can organize your Mongolian sim card by your request at your arrival be ready.

Mobicom: 2222, 1800-2222 Unitel: 7777-8888 Skytel: 1515, 1800-1515 G-Mobile: 3636, 9810-3636

Our travel company suggest you the Unitel group service because it is a company with 100% Mongolian investment launched the first 4G LTE network in Mongolia, most importantly mobile reception strongly distributed in countryside during touring. With this prepaid tourist sim card you can save your roaming cost up to 90 % . They offer the lowest international, domestic calls and texts rate. Multi sim card will fit any device and their value plans will make your stay more fun.

What are the prepaid plans?

Tour sim card lets you stay in control of how much you use your phone and what you pay for it. Just figure out how often, and for what purposes, you think you’ll use your phone. That should guide your choice of which SIM card to buy.

Choice 1: 40'000 (around USD12.5 ) TG 2GB data, 5000 units, unlimited calls within the Unitel network ,14 days use of tourist sim card Choice 2: 60'000 ( around USD17 )TG 5GB data, 10000 units, unlimited calls within the Unitel network ,30 days use of tourist sim card

How much does line cost?

Local and international calls are charged based on per minute block. With this prepaid service you can make calls to 239 countries in the world depending different countries rate.

Local call: 70 units per min, 20 units per SMS International call: 188MNT-288MNT per min

How long can you use tourist sim card?

Tour Sim card values will expire within the respective validity period (14days/30days). The account duration can be extended with any unit cards which you can find almost everywhere in Mongolia.

Will Mongolian sim card work on your foreign phone?

Mongolia uses the following GSM frequencies: GSM 900 / GSM 1800. When travelling, make sure that your phone supports the GSM frequency of the country you're traveling to. Usually the supported GSM frequencies are printed on the box of your phone as well as its manual. Or you can simply purchase a local GSM phone.

Why choose tour sim card?

Tour SIM card offers access to Mongolia’s largest network with high speed 4G LTE network . Not relying on the free Wi-Fi connections anymore and stay connected with your family and friends during your trip Mongolia